Association Circle U Logo

Association Circle U Logo

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Association Circle U Logo
Image file: association-circle-u-logo.gif

Our return client is from Lille, France.

The logo on display is a pre-designed logo, created from scratch by

The logo is the property of our client. The cost of this logo is $125.90 (USD) and paid in full by our client. This logo will remain the property of our client for as long as the client has a need for it.

The Association Circle U Logo was created using the alphabet letter U, as an example. The outer image of the letter U was given an unique posture. The unique outlines of the letter U reflected the character of the business. The letter U also took its place as part of the business name.

The turn around time of this logo is 1 business day. Our client received one batch of 4 concept designs. From the 4 concept designs, 1 design was chosen and finalized without further alterations to it.

The Association Circle U Logo is compiled by 3 objects. The logo design itself has 2 objects. These are the graphic design and the colors. The third object is that of the fonts used to design the business name. There is no tag line to this logo.

The names of the colors are : Fill: Red, Outline: None and Fill: Cyan, Outline: None.

The name of the fonts is Forte, (Normal)(ENU).

The colors inter acts harmoniously: The blue color designed in the logo reflects in the second word of the business name. The red colors in the logo is mirrored in the first word of the business name.

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