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Voice logo

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Voice logo
Image file: voice-logo.gif

The logo on this page was created by our Design Team during 2011. The logo was exactly what our client from Canada needed. Being in the high-tech computer industry, he required a logo which contained characteristics of computerized voice recognition. He purchased our Custom Silver Package at $299 (USD).

Here we see the focus strongly on the letter V which is designed in a metallic color. It is surrounded by sound waves in the color green.

Voice recognition is the ability of a machine to receive and interpret dictation or to carry out spoken commands.

A sound wave can be described as a disturbance that travels through a medium, transporting energy from one location to another.

The names of the fonts used to design the text, is Soho Gothic Pro (Normal) (ENU) and Eurostile LT ExtendedTwo (Bold) (ENU).

Colors used, are Curve-Fills: Fountain, G:0, G:204 and G:255.

This unique logo has no drop shadow.

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