Faith Dove Circle Cross Logo

Faith Dove Circle Cross Logo

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Faith Dove Circle Cross Logo
Image file: faith-dove-circle-cross-logo.gif

Our client is from Columbus.

The logo viewed here is the image of the cross, an ancient symbol of Christianity, a white dove in full flight, the open Bible and a light shining from above the logo onto the elements mentioned. The graphic elements are enclosed by three and a half circles.

The cross is designed in upright position taking the central stand in the logo. The color of the cross is deep yellow. The cross is bordered by a dark blue line. At the base of the cross a white dove is about to ascend. An outer silhouette of light blue is designed around the dove. The open Bible forms the back drop of the cross and the dove. Light blue horizontal lines indicates written text on the pages of the Bible.

A soft light spills from above the cross onto the mentioned designs. The light gets darker at the lower part of the logo. The color of the light is light blue.

Two dark blue portions at both sides of the light slides into a circle surrounding the bottom of the logo. A second circle follows surrounding the entire logo. This circle is colored black. Another circle follows surrounding the black circle. The color of the following circle is deep yellow. The very last circle closing the logo, is colored black.

The name and slogan of the church is designed below the logo. The name of the font used for the name is Berlin Sans FB. The name of the font used for the slogan is Bitstream Vera Serif.

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