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Cross Arrows Logo

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Cross Arrows Logo
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Alan is the Senior Pastor at a church in Sidney, Ohio where you do not have to dress up or look a certain way. Everyone is welcome to come just as they are.
It is a church designed to make you feel at peace and welcome.
It is a place where God meets people who are not perfect, so no matter where you are on your spiritual journey, you are absolutely welcome here.

There are plenty of ways for you to get involved here:
*Join them for their Sunday worship service.
*Connect through Pizza with the Pastor.
*Look into joining a Connect Group and get to know some great people.
*Grow deeper in your faith by taking part in their Prayer Ministry.
*Find a way to serve by checking out their missions' opportunities.

In search of a suitable logo, Alan approached us during 2014 and bought our Gold Package at $399 (USD), which offers 30 concept designs to choose from. A Business Card design is also included with this package.

After one of our designers submitted the first batch of designs, Alan informed us that his board of elders voted on this specific design displayed over here. It consists of a navy blue cross, with six arrows pointing to the base of the cross, placing the emphasis and importance on Christianity.

The colors of the arrows are navy blue, maroon and gray. The design is surrounded by swooshes, indicating religious activity taking place.

Navy blue is the color of honesty, sincerity and loyalty. It is also the color of devotion and religious study. It enhances meditation and prayer.

Maroon represents sacrifice and bravery, whilst gray on the other hand, symbolizes maturity and dignity.

The name of the font is FrizQuadrata BT and the color codes as follows:

Blue: 100% Pantone 289 C
Red: 100% Pantone 194 C
Gray: Grayscale 110:255

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