Swoosh People Church Logo

Swoosh People Church Logo

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Swoosh People Church Logo
Image file: swoosh-people-church-logo.gif

A congregation in Pascagoula, MS, United States of America searched for a graphic design to grip the character if their church.

The pre-designed logo was found on the Web site of Biz-Logo.com. Biz-Logo.com is the author of this Swoosh People Church Logo. The logo is an original graphic design, created from scratch.

Our client bought the Swoosh People Church Logo for $95-90 (USD). The pre-designed logo is the property of our client.

The turn around time for all pre-designed logos by Biz-Logo.com is 1 business day between each revision. Our client was satisfied with their logo creation after choosing the best of five graphic designs and finalized their choice. The turn around time: 1s business day.

The Swoosh People Church Logo is the image of four people holding hands. The cartoon like figures all face towards the viewer or towards the cross, depending on which way you want to see it. At the back of the group, is designed a hill. On top of the hill is a cross. A swoosh flows down from the left of the logo almost touching the hill, to the bottom of the group.

The name of the church is designed at the foot of the logo. The name is designed in bold capital letters. The tag line is designed underneath the church name.

The logo is free from border lines.

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