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Financial Trading Logo

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Financial Trading Logo
Image file: financial-trading-logo.gif

Our client is from Bondi, Australia. Our client chose the pre-designed logo as it suited his exact expectations of the business logo he had in mind.

A pre-designed logo is a lot like having a custom logo designed. Our clients receive exactly the same final product. Only difference is that our clients get to see their logos before they have to fork out money for it, so they know what their money is buying.

Pre-designed logos are a lot cheaper than custom logos. Pre-designed logos are not inferior, they are cheaper because our graphic designers don't have to spend time submitting concept designs to our clients until we hit the mark. When our clients place their orders, our designers already know what our clients want and can focus on putting their company names in there, changing it to their chosen color(s) and working with them to get the layout just right.

Once our clients accept the design, it is finalized in exactly the same way as a custom logo... so the final product is the same - it's only how our designers get there that's different.

The turn around time for our pre-designed logos is 1 business day between each concept design file.

The price of this logo design is $99.00 (USD).

The Financial Trading Logo is about two mountains adjacent to each other. The first mountain with its peak, has a shadow base on the left side of the mountain slope. The second mountain is larger than the first mountain. The second mountain with its peak, also has a shadow base on the left hand slope. The logo borders are those of the mountains design.

The name of the company exists of 3 words. The first and second words are designed in small letters. The words are adjacent to each other. Each of the words starts with a capital letter. The third word of the company name is designed underneath the second word. This word is designed in capital letters.

The Financial Trading Logo is multicolored. The colors are Fill: 100% PANTONE 5405 C, Outline: None and Fill: 100% PANTONE 5425 C, Outline: None.

The name of the fonts is LHF Essendine (Normal)(ENU).

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