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Leaf Environmental Group Logo

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Leaf Environmental Group Logo
Image file: leaf-environmental-group-logo.gif

The company is located in Lexington, SC, United States of America.

Our client is a construction company dealing with water and site work. The pre-designed logo shown on this page got their vote. The logo symbolizes the environment in health and vibrancy.

The pre-designed logo had a price tag of $95-90 (USD). The turn around time is 1 business day between each revision. Within 2 business days, our client called for closure and the Leaf Environmental Group Logo was finalized.

The Leaf Environmental Group Logo is the property of the company.

The logo image is that of a rectangle tilted to rest on one of its four corners. The rectangle or diamond shaped border has a thick membrane colored green. A green leaf is designed in the middle portion of the diamond. Two smaller swooshes are flanking the leaf. None of these inner designs are touching each other or the membrane.

The Leaf Environmental Group Logo has no outer border lines. The logo has a shadow base.

The name of the company is designed directly underneath the logo and displays a blue swoosh in convex format under the last portion of the name.

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