Recycling Heart Logo

Recycling Heart Logo

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Recycling Heart Logo
Image file: recycling-heart-logo.gif

This is a logo that was done by our design team. The customer chose one of our Custom packages which allowed them to receive more than one variation of this specific design.

Our team takes recycling very serious and thus it became a personal project for us as well. The customer wanted something different compared to the normal recycle signs that we see in our everyday life. The customer specified that they would like a design combined with text.

Our designer did a few design variations with the recycle arrows. He tried using the arrows in the shape of a heart and it worked so well. It portrays the right image to the viewer and the customer was very satisfied.

The text in this logo is bold blue letters that is stretched out a bit while the arrows forming the heart is also stretched in order for it to look elongated. The arrows are red and green.

This logo is not for sale.

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