Squares Small Logo

Squares Small Logo

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Squares Small Logo
Image file: squares-small-logo.gif

Our client is from Coral Gables, Florida, United States of America. They needed a free form logo design to express the character of their business.

The pre-designed logo that you see on this page is a classic example of the uniqueness of a design regarding free form logos. This Squares Small logo is designed from scratch without input from any client.

A Copyright document accompanies each logo design from Biz-Logo.com on request.

The price is $125.90 (USD). The variations on fonts and colors, regardless of the length of design time, have no effect on the price.

The graphic design is a compilation of a multiple of small squares, arranged in four rows. The extension of the squares supersedes in length of the design. The design is longer in vertical format than in the horizontal format. The middle two rows are closely arranged to form a pillar without touching each other. The outer two rows are not so closely arranged to the middle section of the logo but balance the small squares in profile. The bottom of the small squares end off equally, forming a straight line. The upper part of the small squares, scale down from the middle section towards the left and right hand sides of the image.

The logo has a shadow base, reflecting the small square blocks.

The logo is multicolored. The upper two small squares of each of the pillars, are colored red. The lower part of the logo image is colored black. The shadow base is colored gray.

The name of the company is designed on the right hand side of the logo, divided into two rows of letters. The color of the fonts is black.

The fonts are described in graphic code as MicroGrammaDBolExt (Normal)(ENU)

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