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Metal Eye Logo

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Metal Eye Logo
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Dr. Alan Bacho is an optometrist in New Jersey who owns a full-service Optometric and Optical Practice. Their mission is to go above and beyond what is usually expected in order to provide exceptional patient care. They have installed the most advanced technology available for your vision evaluation and treatment of eye disease.

Dr. Bacho bought our pre-designed Metal Eye Logo from our People and Cartoon Category at for $145 (USD).

This design comprises of two exact swooshes linked together to form the image of a human eye. Here we used an equal combination of green and black.

Green is associated with health, healing and the environment, creating a sense of compassion and nurturing for all.

Eye symbolism indicate focus, clarity, vision, prophesy, perception, observation and awareness.

The two tone color blends as follows:
Green 100% PANTONE 368 C and 100% PANTONE 370 C
Black 100% PANTONE 432 C and 100% PANTONE 433 C

The name of the font is Klavika CH Bold.

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