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Life Style Logo
Image file: lifestyle-logo.gif

Our client is from NW Albuquerque, NM, United States of America.

The turn around time for pre-designed logos created by is one business day. It works this way: our clients email their specific guidelines on how they want the fonts and colors changed on the chosen pre-designed logo. The logo design image remains static. One of in-house graphic designers apply the guidelines of our client, adding some four to five concept designs, uniquely designed, for our clients to choose from. The first batch of concept design files is emailed back to our clients within twenty four business hours of even less. The process repeats itself until our clients are 100% satisfied. The chosen logo concept is finalized. A Transfer of Copyright Document accompanying the logo design project is available on request.

The Life Style logo can be found in the People Category of Here's the link to web site : Please copy and paste the link to open.

The logo design on display, is designed in three portions. The body of the person is done with one single sketch line. The sketch line starts at the bottom part of the right arm of the person, going right through drawing the right leg, moving upwards completing the right arm, moving downwards completing the left leg of the person. The drawing is done in one stroke without lifting the pen tool.

The second portion of the graphic image of a person is the head drawn between the uplifted left and right arms of the image. The head of the person image is slightly bent towards the left uplifted arm.

The posture of the person image is that of a very happy dancing person. The arms are spread high above the head. The legs are positioned apart from each other. The right leg is slightly lifted into the air.

The third portion of the logo design is that of the circular frame in which the image is drawn. The starting point of the circle is underneath the right uplifted arm of the person, swooshing past at the back of the right and left legs and left arm coming to rest above the head of the person.

The colors of the Life Style image is light green, light gray and light rose. To define the colors in graphic design terms: the light green is Fill: 100% PANTONE 369 C, Outline: None. The light gray is Fill: R:178 G:178 B:178, Outline: None. The light rose is : Fill: 100% PANTONE 137 C, Outline: None.

The font is FrizQuadrata BT (Bold)(ENU)

The company name is designed underneath the feet of the logo image. The slogan rests underneath the company name.

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