Cancer Corporation Logo

Cancer Corporation Logo

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Cancer Corporation Logo
Image file: cancer-corporation-logo.gif

Our client is from Lake Mary, Florida United States of America.

The Cancer Corporation Logo viewed here, is a pre-designed logo from The price of the logo is $125.90 (USD). The turn around time is 1 business day.

Although the logo was bought by a medical entity, the letter H of the Western Alphabet was chosen to reflect the character of the medical corporation.

The Cancer Corporation Logo was bought without any alterations done to it. Our client received their logo within one business day.

The logo is designed, based on the foundation of the letter H. Two pillars are equally positioned opposite each other. A double bar is designed between them, taking center position between the two pillars. The double bar is attached on both sides to the two pillars.

The name of the company is designed underneath the logo. The tag line of the company is designed underneath the name of the company.

The logo has no border or shadow base.

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