Military Realty Firm Logo

Military Realty Firm Logo

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Military Realty Firm Logo
Image file: military-realty-firm-logo.gif

Our client from Aliso Viejo, California found the perfect logo design on the Web site of The logo on view over here, is authentic and created from scratch.

Two spreading eagle wings hold a star. The star is warped in two circles. The star is colored white, created against a red background. The two circles are colored black. Two side feathers flap downwards on each side of the outer circle. It is a symbol of wholeness and strength.

The name and strap line of the company is designed below the logo image. A thin black horizontal line is drawn between the name and strap line. The name of the company is colored in red. The strap line is colored in black.

The name of the font used to draw the text is called ITC Officina Serif (58.159 pt) and ITC Officina Serif (18.269 pt).

The logo is void of border lines and drop shadows.

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