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Heart Logo

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Heart Logo
Image file: heart-logo.gif

This logo was designed by our Biz-Logo.com team for a client in France.

The customer wanted a mother, father and baby figure in a design which would portray love, family, respect and security. Our design team did a few variations with these figures and they added some elements to the design, like a house.

When our graphic designer finished this logo it was exactly what the customer wanted. The design is made up of two swooshes facing each other in the shape of a heart. Each swoosh has a circle at the top which forms the human figures. These swooshes are pink and blue representing the mother and father figure. Inside of the heart there is a pink baby figure that is being held close to the mother and father. This enables the viewer to feel the love emotion that the customer wanted our team to create.

The company name is designed on the right hand side of the heart.

This logo is not for sale.

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