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Doctor Money Logo
Image file: doctor-money-logo.gif

This logo was designed by our team of graphic designers. It is an abstract logo of a man sitting on a chair with his feet up on a desk. The reason why this logo is perceived as an abstract design is because some elements in this design is not fully visible, but the viewer can still see what the design is about.

In this design the viewer can only see the top part of the desk where the man put his feet on and the face of the man has a black shadow which allows us to only see what looks like his nose. The designer used bold lines for the man's jacket and chair. The rest of the design is colored in by shades of grey and black. This man is sitting back in the chair, relaxing and throwing money in the air.

This logo forms part of our custom design package. Custom design means that our customer has a specific idea or logo that he/she would like modified. Our designer then communicates with the customer using our live client system to get the logo as perfect as possible.

This logo has no drop shadows.

This logo is not for sale.

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