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Medical Supplies Logo

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Medical Supplies Logo
Image file: medical-supplies-logo.gif

Our clients from Pflugerville, Texas, United States of America, had a specific design in mind.

The in-house graphic designer got to work on the project and within six business days the logo design was finalized.

The turnaround time is two business days. The first and second concept design files carried three original graphic designs each. The last concept design file carried seven concept designs. Our clients chose a few of graphic design material to be used guidelines during the designing process. This is a tremendous aid tool and speed up the design process.

The final logo design depicts a medical cross, slightly slanting to the right hand side. A swoosh runs from left to right, ending in a curl towards the main body of the logo design. The swoosh takes the left hand side, upper section of the medical cross into a upward swing. The upper section of the swoosh has a white space between the upper part of the medical cross and the swoosh. The swoosh cuts through the bottom half of the medical cross.

The medical supplies logo bears the company name and tag line on the right hand side. Both the name of the company and tag line are slightly slanted. The name of the company is placed vertically, in line with the middle section of the medical cross.

The tag line is designed underneath the bottom section of the swoosh.

The medical supplies logo is multi-colored. The upper section of the medical cross design is colored 100% PANTONE 300 C, Outline: None. The tag line is colored with the same blue tone as the upper section of the medical cross design. However, the last three letters of the tag line is colored 100% PANTONE 300 C, Outline: None. The swoosh, lower section of the medical cross as well as the company name is colored 100% PANTONE 295 C, Outline: None.

The fonts are AvantGarde Bk BT (Normal)(ENU).

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