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Software Solutions Logo
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This software solutions logo was designed and finalized within four business days. This is how it works: when the logo assignment reach our in-house graphic designers, the graphic design process starts immediately. During the same 24 hours after receiving the project, the first batch of concept design files are emailed back to our client. Our client may take time to consider the merging of logo and business needs into an unique logo design. One or more business days may pass. The creating of a business logo is a process, repeating itself until finalization of the logo.

During the total project design process, our clients received eighteen concept designs to choose from. They chose the best graphic design from every batch of concept design files and our graphic designer panel beats their choice into 100% perfection. Their final choice becomes the logo of their business.

Our client is from Kolkata, India.

At some point in the design process, our client felt the need to email our graphic designer with additional and fresh views as well as drawings of how their logo should unfold under the artful hand of designer. This is a great help and excellent teamwork between designer and client.

The logo is a graphic design of a globe. The globe is encircled by a swoosh. The swoosh is created at the center position of the globe. The swoosh is slightly tilted with the lower part on the left hand side and higher part on the right hand side of the globe. Underneath the swoosh, onto the body of the globe, several equal spaced dots are designed. These two streams of dots encircles the globe in the opposite direction than that of the swoosh. That means, they are positioned from the top part of the globe to the lower part of the globe. These two streams of dots are designed to occupy most of the right hand part of the globe.

The Software Solution logo design is multicolored. The main body of the globe has different variations of the color red. The swoosh is colored white with an under shade of black running at the lower part of the swoosh. The dots are colored Fill: Fountain, Outline: None.

The company name is designed to the right hand side of the logo. The slogan is designed underneath the company name. The company name and slogan is divided by a thin horizontal line.

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