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Thought Flow Logo
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Our client from Canada owns a Software Consulting Company. As a Java architect and developer, he specializes in building high-performance server-side applications. He approached us for assistance in creating a visually pleasing logo.

He purchased our Budget Package at $149 (USD). With this package, clients receive 3 concept designs to choose from.

The turn around time of all custom logo designs by is 2 business days between each revision.

Since our client is a creative thinker, his logo had to convey intelligence, credibility, competence and fluidity of thought.

A spot-on masterpiece was then designed, using a blue colored brainwave image in flowing state, representing thoughts or ideas in active motion.

From a color psychology perspective, blue is reliable and responsible. It relates to trust, honesty and dependability, therefore helping to build customer loyalty. Blue's wisdom comes from its higher level of intelligence, a spiritual perspective.

The company name was designed, using the Gotham Narrow Bold font.

The color blue of the design, is a 100% PANTONE 280 C Linear Tint.

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