Abstract Beachball Globe logo

Abstract Beachball Globe logo

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Abstract Beachball Globe logo
Image file: abstract-beachball-globe-logo.gif

The logo on view here, is a pre-designed logo by Biz-Logo.com.

During 2011, our client from Slovenia needed a logo for their Search Engine Optimization Company and discovered the perfect pre-design in our Globe Category. It was sold for $125 USD.

The image displays a globe in spinning motion slightly risen from its base, depicting movement. The globe has a top and bottom curve. A 30% black shadow base is visible.

The name of the company is designed to the right of the logo.

Colors: Curve Fill: R190, G231, B76 Outline: None; Curve Fill: Fountain.

Font: Artistic Text: Square 721 Dm (Normal) (ENU) - Fill: 30% Black, Outline: None.

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