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Properties Company Logo

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Properties Company Logo
Image file: properties-company -logo.gif

Our client is from Denver, Colorado.

The Properties Company Logo is the graphic image of a house. The outlines of the house are almost complete. A swoosh however, curves from outside the logo through the interior of the logo, ending near the left side of the house. The swoosh is colored white, contrasting superbly against the black color of the interior of the house. The swoosh causes the outline of the house to the right side to expand itself in a similar curve, driving around and backwards over the roof top of the house. On the roof top of the house, a chimney can be seen. The chimney is drawn to the right side of the roof.

A black colored swoosh finishes off the logo design. This swoosh is designed to the right end of the logo commencing where the strap line left off.

The name and strap line of the company is designed below the logo. The font used to draw the name and strap line in, is called LHF Essendine SMALL CAP.

The logo is void of a border or drop shadow.

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