Decor Natural Logo

Decor Natural Logo

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Decor Natural Logo
Image file: decor-natural-logo.gif

Our client is from France. On the Web site of was an eye catching pre-designed logo. This logo was found in the Real-Estate Logo Design category. The cost of the logo was $125-90 (USD). Our client bought the Decor Natural Logo. He called for finalization within 3 business days.

The turn around time for his Decor Natural Logo was 1 business day per revision.

The image is that of a home with a tree designed inside the larger sector of the home. A chimney is designed onto the left side of the roof. The tree is in leaf. A swoosh is designed in convex format underneath the home.

The colors of the Decor Natural Logo are green, white and dark blue.

The name of the company is designed to the right side of the logo. The tag line is designed underneath the name.

There are no border lines around this logo design.

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