Letter M Heart Logo

Letter M Heart Logo

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Letter M Heart Logo
Image file: letter-m-heart-logo.gif

Our client is from Houston, Texas. The logo image displayed on this page is a pre-designed logo. The logo was designed from scratch. It now belongs to our client.

Looking at the Letter M Heart Logo as shown on this page finds one on a level of linguistics combined with the icon of human feelings. The letter M is designed within the center of a heart shaped environment. The letter M follows the contours of the upper portion of the heart. At the bottom of the heart, the left and right sides of the heart gives way to the continued design of the letter M.

The name of the company rests adjacent to the bottom section of the logo design. The name is designed in lower case format. The name of the font used to draw the name is called

The name of the color pink is Fill: 100% PANTONE 232 C, Outline: None. This applies to the left side of the heart only. The right side of the heart is also pink. The name of the color is Fill: 70% PANTONE 232 C, Outline: None. The first three letters of the name as well as the swoosh beneath the name is colored in Fill: 100% PANTONE 232 C, Outline: None. The rest of the name is colored Fill: 70% PANTONE 232 C, Outline: None.

The swoosh below the name of the company is designed in convex format.

The logo is free from border lines and a drop shadow.

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