Interstate Shield Logo

Interstate Shield Logo

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Interstate Shield Logo
Image file: interstate-shield-logo.gif

Our client opted for a custom design by one of the in-house graphic designers of A perfect partnership between client and designer resulted in the logo design exhibited on this page.

The Interstate Shield Logo displays three arrows designed into the interior of a shield design. The three arrows are unequal in dimensions. The three arrows are designed in a rotating format. The arrow to the left is colored deep blue with a white border to distinguish it from the interior deep blue color of the shield. The bottom arrow turning upwards is colored red. This arrow also has a white border line. The last and smaller arrow plunging into the left arrow is colored green. Its border line is white.

The shield has the same outlines as that of an interstate shield road sign. The header of both shields are the same. The header of the graphic designed shield has no inscriptions in it. The borders of both shields are double borders. The interior of the double border is colored white. The header of the graphic design is colored red. The exterior border line of the graphic design is colored red.

The interior of the main portion of the shield is colored deep blue.

The name of the business is designed directly below the shield. The slogan is designed right at the top of the shield. The slogan is designed in convex format.

The font used to design the slogan in, is called Impact. The font used to design the name of the business in, is called AvantGarde Bk BT.

The name of the deep blue color is: Fill: 100% PANTONE Reflex Blue C. The red is Fill: 100% PANTONE 186 C. The green is Fill: 100% PANTONE 362 C.

The logo has no border lines. There is no shadow base.

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