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Clothing Logo

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Clothing Logo
Image file: clothing-logo.gif

The pre-designed logo was found in the Eagle Category of The price of the logo design is $125.90 (USD).

Our clients are from Sayreville, New Jersey, United States of America.

Four concept designs were created by one of our in-house graphic designers. One of these concept designs became the flagship for our clients company. The Clothing logo is multi-faceted : between the wings of the eagle in flight, is a star, symbolizing the eagle and the flag of the United States of America. The star has five spikes. The upper spike symbolizes the head of the eagle. The two spikes running to the left and right form part of the wings of the eagle. The two lower spikes symbolizes the legs of the eagle. The wing span of the eagle is accentuated by two horizontal lines just above the outstretched spikes of the star. These two lines overlaps the two lines running underneath it.

The colors of the Clothing Logo are blue, red and white. The lower portion of the star is colored blue. The upper lines are also colored blue. The upper spike of the star as well as the two horizontal lines forming part of the star are colored red. The interior of the star as well as the border lines between the star and eagle wings, are colored white.

The name of the company is designed underneath the Clothing Logo. The name of the company is colored blue.

The tag line is running directly underneath the name of the company and is colored red.

A horizontal line divides the name and tag line of the company from a statement which concludes the Clothing Logo design. This statement is colored blue.

The artistic text is MicroGrammaDBoltExt (Normal)(ENS).

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