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Marketing Logo
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Our client from San Antonio, Texas, went on a hunt for a logo design that would compliment and give expression to his marketing business.

The Marketing Logo displayed on this page found its place as the flag ship of our client's business.

The lion, designed by hand using graphic design tools, is in seemingly passive mood. It is in resting position, lying on its belly, its head upright and its front paws stretch out in front of it. The lion is a male by gender. Watching the tail of the animal, an air of alertness in the animal is detected. The tail of the lion is curled towards its back. The two ears of the male lion is in upright position. The head is designed in a straight line with its body. The mouth is closed and the eyes are gazing in front of it.

The name of the company is designed below the lion figure. The name is designed in bold upper case format. No other text or border lines disturbs the meaning of the business message flowing out of this magnificent logo design.

The font that was used to design the name of the business is Impact (58.851 pt).

The names of the two colors are: Black - Fill: Black, Outline: None. Red - Fill: 100% PANTONE 185 C.

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