Letter B Realty Logo

Letter B Realty Logo

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Letter B Realty Logo
Image file: letter-b-realty-logo.gif

Our client from Grays, XX RM16 6BX, United Kingdom, bought the copyright to this logo here on display. The logo is the supreme result of co-designer-ship between one of the in-house graphic designers of Biz-Logo.com and our client.

The Letter B Realty Logo depicts a letter B from the Western alphabet. The letter B is created with a thick shaft. The shaft is leaning slightly towards the right hand side. Two swooshes are applied to form the upper portion of the letter B. The swooshes are detached from each other. The swoosh nearest to the shaft of the letter B touches the shaft lightly. The second swoosh flows over and beyond the shaft in concave format.

The lower portion of the Letter B Realty Logo is designed in a swoosh, touching neither the shaft nor the swoosh above it.

The name of the company is written by four words. Two of the words are designed below the logo. The third and fourth words of the name of the company are designed below the first two words.

The lower swoosh of the letter B carries the same color as that of the first two words of the name of the company. The color of the upper swoosh of the letter B corresponds with the third and fourth words of the name of the company.

The names of the colors are: green -- Fill: 100% PANTONE 329 C. The red -- Fill: PANTONE 185 C.

The name of the font is: Dutch801 Rm BT.

The logo has no border lines or drop shadow.

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