Chariot Archer Logo

Chariot Archer Logo

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Chariot Archer Logo
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The business of our client from Sarasota, FL, United States of America developed into a logo stage. The logo had to duplicate the nature and result orientated force of our clients business.

Our client needed a logo design, never before created. They took ownership of the creation process of their logo, working hand in hand with the graphic designer. Thus this custom designed logo came into being.

Their budget acquired a logo design in the price range of $200-00 (USD). The Chariot Archer Logo fitted into the range at $179-00 (USD). The turn around time for custom logos is 2 business days. The time target of 8 business days were achieved and the logo was finalized well in advance of the time frame of our client.

The Chariot Archer Logo is the image of a charioteer or archer in action. The archer's bow is ready to release the arrow. The archer is standing in upright position. Both the charioteer and the chariot face to the right side of the viewer. No horses were required. The tongue of the chariot carries the name of the company in bold capital letters. The tag line is designed underneath the tongue or bar of the chariot.

The wheel of the chariot has 4 bars. The logo has no border lines.

The colors of the logo are gold, light grey sliding into dark shades of grey.

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