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Rehabilitation Logo

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Rehabilitation Logo
Image file: rehabilitation-logo.gif

The Rehabilitation logo comprises of two circles bordering near to each other. The circles guides the eyes of the observer to the center piece. The center of the logo design is occupied by a delicate flowering plant. The stem of the plant parts the circular logo in two unequal portions. The left portion of the Rehabilitation logo is the smallest. Two slender leaves are attached to the stem of the plant. The one leave daintily curves to the left hand side. The second leave traverse the first portion of the logo design into the second portion of the logo. The third leave is attached to the stem of the flowering plant. This leave gently flows upward, ending into the inner circle of the logo. The flower is petite. It has a prominent flower head with three prigs at the top and outer sides of it.

The Rehabilitation logo has three colors. The circles are colored light gray. The flowering plant is colored white. The first portion of the logo design is colored gray and the second portion is colored burgundy red. The space between the two circles is colored white.

The name of the company is placed to the right hand side of the logo. The two words are underneath each other in close vicinity, touching. The company name is colored burgundy red. The name of the company matches the size of the logo design.

The tag line runs at the base of the rehabilitation logo and is colored light gray.

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