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Law Leadership Logo
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The Scale of Justice has a range of values forming a standard system for measuring or grading moral standards. The Western World justice systems took the Scale of Justice as their icon. This icon took the measuring or weighing, into another sphere: that of the measuring of the invisible moral values of mankind.

The logo shown here, is a good reflection of the merits and grandeur of our clients business. This logo is now owned by our clients.

The logo design has a thick membrane covering the globe. The globe is detached from the membrane. The globe is segmented. The membrane and the globe is split into two sections by the swoosh. The swoosh is bowed in a convex curve. The swoosh is thick in the middle section and tapered into sharp spikes at the two opposite ends.

The logo design is multicolored. The membrane is colored light lemon green. The swoosh is colored brown. The segments and border of the globe is colored brown. The space between the membrane and the globe is colored white. The space between the swoosh and the logo as a whole is colored white.

The name of the business is created underneath the logo in bold text.

The tag line lies directly underneath the name of the business. The bold text is colored brown and the tag line is colored light lemon green.

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