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Exhibition Services Logo

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Exhibition Services Logo
Image file: exhibition-services-logo.gif

Our client is from Calgary.

The Exhibition Services Logo is an image of a globe sectioned in 5 design elements. Let us begin from the top of the logo design: The first design element is an oval design colored in dark brown, placed right at the top of the logo.

The second design element from the top is a thin swoosh laying in suspension in convex format in waiting for the thick swoosh circling the space to meet up with the upper swoosh. These two swooshes are colored dark brown.

The third design element is a thick swoosh designed in convex format circling the upper space without completing the entire route. This swoosh overlaps the previous thick dark brown swoosh at the two end sections of the said swoosh.

The fourth design element is an oval shape colored light brown.

The fifth design element is the shadow base.

The entire logo except the shadow base, is tilted to the right side of the viewer.

The name and slogan of the company is designed to the right side of the logo.

The font name used for the name and slogan of the company is Quorum Medium (Md).

The names of the colors used for the logo and the name, slogan of the company are 100% Fountain and 100% Black.

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