Sky Birds Logo

Sky Birds Logo

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Sky Birds Logo
Image file: sky-birds-logo.gif

The logo in view is about two birds in flight. The white plumage of the two long-winged seabirds are distinct markings in a wide expanse of blue simulating air and sea. The birds are flying head to tail. The convex format of the expanse of blue folds into a wave at the bottom of the logo. The wave rolls in from the left side to the right side of the logo.

A vertical line is designed between the logo and the name and slogan of the company. The name and slogan of the company are designed to the right side of the logo.

The logo is a pre-designed logo created by The turn around time of this logo is 1 business day between revisions. The logo was bought 'as is'. The logo was finalized on the day our client paid for it.

The logo is free from border lines.

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