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Public Accountant Logo

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Public Accountant Logo
Image file: public-accountant-logo.gif

The public accountant logo was bought by our clients from Jericho, New York, United States of America.

The price of the logo was $99.00 (USD).

The letter logo design is the letter "L", the first letter of their company name.

The logo consists of three sections. The first left hand section forms the outer wall of the letter L. The base of this section continues running into the right hand direction, thus creating a platform onto which the company name and tag line rest. The middle part of the three sections cuts through the first and third sections in the body of the letter L. The upper surface of the letter L carries the name of the company. The third section rounds off the letter L. The three sections is created in a rectangle.

The first section of the rectangle is colored 100% PANTONE 376 C, Outline: None. The middle section is colored white and the last section of the rectangle is colored 100% PANTONE, warm Gray C, Outline: None.

The text of the company name is OzHandycraft BT, (Normal)(ENU). The company name is colored black. The text of the tag line is Newtext Rg BT (Normal)(ENU).

The tag line is colored 100% PANTONE Warm Gray 9 C.

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