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Aerobics Logo
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Sarah Forde is our client from Bristol in the United Kingdom who works at a medical practice as a Business Manager.

Her responsibilities include controlling the budget and staff of the practice, dealing with patient suggestions and non-clinical complaints and providing a business perspective on the growth of the practice.

They serve patients who may be homeless, struggling with drug abuse, and seeking help to begin piecing life together; at the other end of the spectrum they serve patients who are doing well in life, and who seek help to ensure they remain in the very best of health. So to anyone looking for a doctor in Bristol, as long as you are in their practice area, they offer a warm hearty welcome.

Sarah was searching our database for a suitable logo for their practice and discovered our pre-made Aerobics Logo Design in our Gym & Fitness Category at for $145 (USD).

This design immediately caught her eye, as it portrays a vibrant figurine dancing with one arm raised up in the air. It conveys a clear message of complete health and well-being.

Sarah insisted on a blue and green color combination, as green in general is used to sooth the soul and mind. It helps to soothe the body, from a mental and physical point of view. It is an excellent remedy for states of anxiety and nervousness, assisting a person to restore inner calm.

Blue also can be a good color to aid in relaxation, hence making this design perfect for their successful medical practice.

The colors we used are as follows:
100% PANTONE 2935 C and 100% PANTONE 354 C.

Sarah was open to suggestions on fonts, here fore we used Geometr415 Medium BT Normal which compliments this design.

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