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Media Logo
Image file: media-logo.gif

The logo design on this page is a pre-designed logo from The pre-designed logo is lodged in the Computer Category on the web site of

Without any alterations whatsoever, this pre-designed logo became the flagship of our clients advertising company.

Our clients are from Kuala Lumpur (Malaysia).

The graphic design is composed to resemble two globes, each with a netted surface. The image catches the movement of one globe shifting closer to the other globe without merging. This symbolizes communication in all forms, constantly touching peoples lives wherever they are. The swoosh coming from the left hand side at the bottom of the graphic design, curving into (almost touching) the tag line, is hued in a flow of red and blue colors.

The artistic text is Geometr212BkBT (Bold)(ENU). The colors are Fill: fountain, Outline: None, Fill: 0% Black, Outline: None and Fill; 100% Black, Outline: None.

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