Consulting Customers Company Logo

Consulting Customers Company Logo

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Consulting Customers Company Logo
Image file: consulting-customers-company-logo.gif

Our client found the logo displayed over here on the Web site of

The Consulting Customers Company Logo features a double designed letter C in equal dimensions. The two letter C designs are twins in format. The letter C designs are placed directly opposite each other without touching each other. The letter C designs have arrow shaped heads. These heads are bended towards each other without touching each other. The letter C designs are designed in an upright posture.

The left letter C is colored blue. The right letter C is colored green.

Below the logo design follows the name of the company and slogan.

The name of the company is composed of 2 words placed directly next to each other. The first word is colored green. The second word is colored blue.

The slogan of the company is designed right beneath the name. The slogan is boxed in by a rectangle colored blue. The words of the slogan are colored white.

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