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Legal Company Logo
Image file: legal-company-logo.gif

The logo displayed on this page represents a boutique law firm specializing in customs, imports, exports and international Law. Our clients are from Galgary, Canada.

The graphic image conveys the knowledge of an office of justice operating worldwide. The globe serves as the center axe upon which the two scales of justice balances.

The globe is transparent, spiraled with the continents of South and North America, Europe and Africa clearly seen. The rest of the continents are inconspicuous, indicating that they are situated at the back of the globe.

The main shaft of the Scale of Justice is designed in a swoosh in convex format. The main shaft reaches far out into space, each carrying one scale at the end.

The name of the business is designed below the globe, transecting the left portion of the Scale of Justice.

The names of the colors are as follows: Deep blue: Fill: 100% PANTONE 2757 C. Black: Fill: Black Outline, None. The light blue of the slogan: Fill: 100% PANTONE 2935 C. The rest of the colors are typified as Fill: Fountain Outline: None.

The name of the fonts are: FrizQuadrata BT. This applies to the name of the company in English. The name of the fonts used to write the Spanish text in is Aquaduct Warp.

The logo has no border lines nor a drop shadow.

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