Photography Flower Logo

Photography Flower Logo

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Photography Flower Logo
Image file: photography-flower-logo.gif

Our client is from McKinney, Texas,United States
of America.

The logo displayed on this page was bought by our client for the amount of $125-90 (USD).

The turn around time of this logo is 1 business day between each revision.

The Photography Flower Logo is a pre-designed logo. The original pre-designed logo is the design of a flower inside a rectangle. The flower has no stem. The flower head has 8 petals. Our client requested that a second rectangle be designed to have the original pre-designed logo resting inside of the second rectangle. The original design was taken as is and designed inside the second rectangle.

The name of the company was designed to the right side of the original logo, spaced inside the second rectangle. The word Photography is designed underneath the name of the company, flowing over the border of the rectangle.

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