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Image file: property-roof-logo.gif

Here is a perfect example of the graphic designs from our studios.

The graphic image has three roof tops designed in 3D format. The first roof top has an overlap indicating the front facade of the building. The second roof top is slightly smaller than the first, indicating distance between the two tops. The third and smallest of the roofs finishes off the logo design. The three roof tops are separated from each other. The separation is simply in the form of a narrow band or strip of space colored white.

This is but one way to observe this unique logo design.

Beneath the three roof tops, a drop shadow reflects the logo in total. The drop shadow is colored gray.

The name of the company is composed of five words. The first two words, designed adjacent to each other, are designed in bold red letters. The first letter of each word is designed in capital lettering. The last three words are encased in a square design. The interior of the square is colored deep blue, supporting the three words colored white.

The names of the colors are: blue -- Fill: 70% PANTONE Reflex Blue CVC, red -- Fill: 100% PANTONE 186 C, gray -- Fill: 27% Black 2 CVC 2X.

The font used to design the text is Square721 Dm.

The logo design is free from border lines.

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