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Letter V Logo

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Letter V Logo
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Our client is from Saunderstown, United States of America.

The logo on display is a pre-designed logo. The pre-designed logos by Biz-Logo.com, as all other graphic designs, are created from scratch. A pre-designed logo is created by one of the in-house graphic designers of Biz-Logo.com. Our designers create pre-designed logos without the guidance of a client or another person for that matter. The aim of designing pre-designed logos is to ease researching logos by our clients. Our clients are invited to unlimited alterations regarding colors, fonts and placement of company names on the logo of their choice.

This pre-designed logo is copyrighted at finalization of the design process. Our client from Saunderstown, is entitled to a Transfer of Copyright Document, free of charge.

The price of this logo is $125.90 (USD).

The logo is a design of the letter V with a swoosh originating from the right portion of the V. The swoosh is designed as a curve downwards and inwards, folding over the left portion of the V.

The names of the colors are Fill: 100% PANTONE Process Blue C, Outline: None, Fill: 100% PANTONE 282 C, Outline: None and Fill: Black.

The name of the font is FrizQuadrata BT (Normal)(ENU)

The name of the company is designed underneath the logo. The 2 words are designed in small letters, with each word commencing with a capital letter.

The tag line of the company is designed underneath the name of the company.

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