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Certified Accountant Logo

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Certified Accountant Logo
Image file: certified-accountant-logo.gif

Our client is from Roseville, California United States of America.

The double letter B combined with the letters R and S, is now the property of our client. He bought the pre-designed logo at $99-00 (USD).

The turn around time of the Certified Accountant Logo is 1 business day between each revision.

The logo is a group of two letters B, one letter R and one letter S. The four letters are from the Western alphabet. The letters are grouped, designed in a horizontal position, next to each other, without any spacing in between. The first letter has a solid circle designed, midway through the main bar of the letter B.

The name of the company and the tag line are designed underneath the logo.

The logo has no border or shadow base.

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