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Compass Logo

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Compass Logo
Image file: compass-logo.gif

Our clients are from Middleton, MA, United States of America.

The logo displayed on this page is the property of our clients. did not design this logo. Our clients requested a repair on their logo and the product approved is placed here as a show piece of our repair skills.

Our clients paid $79-00 (USD) for the repair design.

The turnaround time for repair designs is 2 business days.

Our clients were satisfied with the design process within 2 business days and the logo was finalized.

The logo image is that of a compass of which the right side was replaced by the name of the company and tag line. The initials of the two partners in business are placed to the West and South indicators. Their full surnames are placed to the right side of the compass and identify the name of their company.

The logo has no shadow base or border lines.

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