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Aviation Logo

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Aviation Logo
Image file: aviation-logo.gif

Our client is from KUOPIO, Finland.

The price of the custom logo is $149.00 (USD).

Our client had a range of ideas as to how the end product of his business logo should look like. He therefore choose the Budget Package from Biz-Logo.com.

From clear directions and ample information on Biz-Logo.com web page (see the link below), our client knew before hand what he paid for. Here is the link: http://www.biz-logo.com/budget-logo-design.shtml. Paste and copy the link into your browser to open.

Three unique concept logos offered in the Budget Package, were emailed to our client in the first batch of concept designs. Our client selected a design that fitted his business logo needs. From here onwards, our client received unlimited alterations, until he had the desired logo.

The logo on display reflects the alphabet letter A. Thus the logo is partly a signage of the name of his business.

The logo is designed with the first portion of the letter A, stretching from below the normal starting point, reaching upwards to a certain point and drawn outwardly and to the right. At this point, the drawing turns inside towards the left portion of the letter A, coming close, but not touching it. The art work is designed using a thick line.

Inside the letter A, is designed a mirror reflection of the first letter A. Going to the third level in depth, two small arrows are designed, pointing to the right. The front arrow overlaps the second samller arrow.

The logo design is completed with a swoosh, commencing from the left bottom part of the logo, flowing upwards at the back of the logo and ending in a sharp curve to the right.

The name of the company consists of two words. These words are designed to the right hand side of the logo. The words are designed in small letters. However, the initial letters are written in capital letters.

The tag line of the company rests underneath the company name. The tag line consists of three words, designed in capital letters.

The names of the colors are Fill: 100% PANTONE RED 032, Outline: None, Fill: Fountain, Outline: None and Fill: 100% PANTONE 534 C, Outline: None.

The name of the fonts is Futura Md BT (Normal)(ENU).

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