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International Trading Logo

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International Trading Logo
Image file: international-trading-logo.gif is an international graphic design company. From Taoyuan Hsieh,Taiwan, our clients ordered a pre-designed logo design and required no layouts.

Within one business day, the pre-designed logo was emailed to our clients at the price of $125.90 (USD).

The International Trade Logo is designed, reflecting the alphabet letter D. The graphic construction of the pre-designed logo is compiled by two swooshes. The lower swoosh resembles the letter D, starting at one definite point, circling the contours of the letter D and ending very closely to the starting point. The second swoosh flows over the top of the letter D. The letter D has the impression of leaning forward.

Here is a direct link to the letter D on the Web site of : Kindly copy and paste the link into your browser to open.

The company name is designed at the right hand side of the logo.

The fonts of the company name is Kozuka Gothic Pro H(Black)(ENU).

The International Trading logo is multicolored. The interior of the main body of the letter D is colored white. The swoosh composing the letter D is colored orange. The graphic design term for this color is 100% PANTONE 137 C, Outline: None. The color of the swoosh resting at the top of the letter D is black. The name of the company is colored orange, described as 100% PANTONE 137 C, Outline: None.

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