Production Company Letter A Logo

Production Company Letter A Logo

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Production Company Letter A Logo
Image file: production-company-letter-a-logo.gif

Our client from Doral, Florida, ordered and paid for a pre-designed logo. The logo on display here is the logo our client found on the Web site of

The original pre-designed logo that was chosen was redesigned and changed multiple times. All of this design work was enclosed in the initial price. The finalized logo design spells the first word of the company name. Each of these letters were hand designed. The second last letter is highlighted being the single red letter amongst black letters. The letter A under discussion is designed inside a circle. A black swoosh designed in convex format curves adjacent to the bottom portions of the letters. It slides behind the shaft of the letter P, ending beneath the last letter of the name.

The name of the red color is Fill: 100% PANTONE 185 C. The gray curve on top of the letter A is colored gray. The name of the gray color is Fill: 60% Black, Outline: None.

The logo is free of border lines and a starp line.

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