Abstract Bird Logo

Abstract Bird Logo

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Abstract Bird Logo
Image file: abstract-bird-logo.gif

Our client is from Ho Chi Minh city.

The logo displayed here is a pre-designed logo.

The logo depicts an air craft ascending and simulates a bird in flight. The air craft is compiled from 7 swooshes. Two swooshes designed closely to each other simulates the first wing of the air craft. On the opposite side of the main body of the air craft another 2 swooshes are designed closely to each other, simulating the second wing of the air craft. The main body of the air craft is given stature by a thick swoosh. This swoosh is slightly tilted upwards and to the right side of the viewer. At the lower end of the main body another swoosh is designed simulating the tail of the air craft. At the very upper end of the main body of the air craft, another small swoosh is designed.

The colors of the logo are various shades of blue, green and orange.

The name of the travel business is positioned to the left of the logo.

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