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Property Logo
Image file: property-logo.gif

The logo image on this page is composed of the following objects: three homes, a circle surrounding the three homes and the placement of the name of the company.

The Property Logo focused on the property market. Three houses or homes, designed in close proximity takes the main stand in the logo. The design features all three homes as transparent. The first house to the left has been moved behind the second larger house. The second larger house covers the third house. The two overlapping portions are colored. The first portion is colored red. The second portion is colored navy blue. The second larger house is colored gray. The two houses on each side of the middle house are colored white. The second larger house and the last smaller house have a chimney each, designed to the right side of their roof tops.

The company name is designed in bold capital letters just below the three houses. The company name transcends both sides of the circle. The circle is colored navy blue. The circle is also colored navy blue.

The name of the font used to design the text in is called MicroGrammaDBolExt (25.577 pt).

The name of the navy blue is Fill: 96% PANTONE 295 C. The name of the red color is Fill: 100% PANTONE 1815 C. The name of the gray color is Fill: Fountain, Outline: None.

The logo has no drop shadow.

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