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Office Workout Logo

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Office Workout Logo
Image file: office-workout-logo.gif

Our client is from Santa Barbarba, California. The client was looking for a logo design to express the type and strengths of his business. The logo shown on this page, was his choice. He took ownership after finalization of the logo.

The Office Workout Logo depicts the figure of a person in full speed. The figure has two portions. The head is designed as a circle on top of the body of the figure. The body is designed in several portions. The main part of the body is the chest drawn in a upright concave format. The bottom portion attached to the described portion is drawn as the lower part, legs and feet of the body. The interesting part of the body is drawn as three detached horizontal lines of unequal length but of equal thickness. To the upper part of the described horizontal lines, are drawn two smaller and shorter horizontal lines. The latter is designed to the right side of the circle, adjacent to the circle and bottom horizontal lines.

The name of the company takes the full length of the logo design. The name is designed to the right side of the logo.

The logo is colored green, light blue and dark blue. The names of the colors are: light blue -- Fill: 100% PANTONE Process Blue C, Outline: None; dark blue -- Fill: 96% PANTONE 295 C and green -- Fill: 100% PANTONE 376 C.

The name of the font used to designed the text is MicroGrammaDBolExt (44.14 pt).

The logo has no border lines or a drop shadow.

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