Eagle Financial Logo

Eagle Financial Logo

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Eagle Financial Logo
Image file: eagle-financial-logo.gif

Our client from Muncie, IN, United States of America bought the Eagle Financial Logo for the price of $125-90 (USD). This logo is now the property of our client.

The turn around time for the Eagle Financial Logo is 1 business day between each revision. The logo was finalized within 2 business days.

The logo image depicts an eagle in full flight. The image of the eagle is composed of 4 swooshes. The eagle faces to the right.

The name of the company is placed to the left of the logo. The name of the company exists of 4 words and 1 abbreviation. The name is designed in bold small letters except for the first letter of each word which is a capital letter.

The tag line rests underneath the company name, divided by an horizontal line. The tag line is designed in small letters. There are 8 words in the tag line.

The logo has no border lines.

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