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Letter L Logo

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Letter L Logo
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Our client is from Mandeville, LA, United States of America.

Our client bought the Letter L Logo for $95-00 (USD).

The turnaround time for the Letter L Logo is 1 business day.

Five concept designs were designed. One of these logos were the perfect reflection of our client's business and that logo design was finalized.

The logo is a combination of 3 letters from the Western alphabet. The combination spells the name of the company, taking the first letter of the 3 words only. A double sided swoosh colored white and blue, sweeps across the 3 letters at the middle portion of each letter. The swoosh bends downwards at both ends.

The name of the company consists of 3 words. The first word is designed in bold capital letters. The following 2 words are placed beneath the first word. These 2 words are designed in capital letters as well. A horizontal line runs between the upper and lower letter groups.

There is no border designed around the logo.

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