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Signs Company Logo

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Signs Company Logo
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The pre-designed logo on this page is created from scratch. It is uniquely created. The logo is immediately available.

Our clients from Weaverville, NC, United States of America, chose the pre-designed logo from the Letter P Category. This logo design worked perfectly for them and their logo was finalized within one business day.

The logo image is composed of three distinct graphic designs: a circular background onto which the letter P takes its place and an oval shadow base. The circular background is unevenly bordered. The letter P is designed with brush strokes, matching the border of the circular background. The main shaft of the letter P opens up the upper and bottom section of the circular background. The bottom swoosh of the letter P overlaps its main shaft. The oval shadow base reflects the circular background.

The Signs Company logo is multicolored. The left portion of the circular background is colored deep blue. The right portion of the circular background is colored light green, intensifying into a dark green lower down. The letter P is colored white, lightly brushed with two small strokes of light green. These strokes appear inside the bend of the letter P and inside the center of the main shaft. The oval shadow base is colored gray.

The company name consists of two words, placed adjacent to each other. The first word is colored dark blue. The second word is colored green. The company was established on a certain date and this date appears in small script underneath the last word of the company name. The date is colored dark blue. The name of the company is designed at the right hand side of the logo design.

The name of the font is Verdana (Bold)(ENU).

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